Career Classes

Picture your new future – Do you see yourself in a health career? Maybe working with computers in the IT field or becoming a paralegal sound like a better fit. ACCEL
San Mateo County adult schools offer career classes, many of which lead to industry certifications. That means you are ready to start an entry-level job after you complete the program and pass any required certification exams.

Career training courses are short-term, lasting only weeks or months. This puts you into a better-paying job or career quickly, and you can continue to build on your education by enrolling at your local community college and earning more certifications or working toward an associate degree.

The skills you learn will help lead you to a higher-paying job and will be useful no matter where you go, making the investment of time and money well worth it.

Which adult schools offer career classes in San Mateo County?

Five adult schools in San Mateo County offer career training classes. Many, but not all, career classes require you to have a high school diploma or a high school equivalency, such as your GED or HiSET. Some programs are free, and the cost for others varies, though our schools have worked to offer affordable adult education classes.

Find a program below that interests you and visit the webpage for more information, or call the school for details.

Adult School Career Classes in San Mateo County

Jefferson Adult Education (Daly City)

Jefferson Adult Education Online Career Training Courses

Health-focused certifications:

La Costa Adult School

  • Modern Office Skills & Technology –  An introduction to computers, learn Chromebook basics, keyboarding, internet safety,  job search strategies, and Microsoft Office Suite.  Improve skills in typing proficiency. 

Fill out this form or call La Costa Adult School at 650-712-7140 for more information about the above classes.

San Mateo Adult School

Sequoia District Adult Education (Menlo Park)

South San Francisco Adult Education