Need to Know

What adult education classes can I take?

ACCEL San Mateo County adult schools offer English as a Second Language classes (ESL classes); GED, HiSET and high school diploma classes; citizenship classes; and career training classes, most of which lead to an industry certification and an entry-level job. Check out our adult school programs.

How much do adult education classes cost?

Most classes at adult schools are free, except for career technical education classes. The cost for those classes vary by program and by school but still are affordable compared with other training programs. Program prices may change over time, so be sure to check with the adult school.

Where are adult education classes offered?

We offer adult education classes throughout the county through ACCEL San Mateo County’s five adult schools and three community colleges. They are: Jefferson Adult Education; La Costa Adult School; San Mateo Adult School; Sequoia Adult School; South San Francisco Adult Education; Cañada College; College of San Mateo; and Skyline College.

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Can I get career training at an adult school?

Yes! You can take career classes that lead to an industry certification and an entry-level job in that field. To open up even more career opportunities and increase your chances of higher pay, you can continue your education at Cañada College, College of San Mateo or Skyline College. Work on more certifications at the college and/or work toward an associate degree.

What if I don’t know English – can I enroll in college?

You’ll need to learn some English before you can enroll at the community college. You can start with English as a Second Language, or ESL classes, at one of our adult schools, which offer beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Learn more about how you can prepare for college at an adult school.

Do I need to have a diploma or GED to take career classes?

It depends on the program. Some programs require you to have a diploma or GED to enroll, others do not. Be sure to ask the adult school about this requirement as part of your planning process. Or, if you are interested, learn about GED classes, HiSET and high school diploma programs.

How do I register for adult education classes?

Here’s how to register for adult ed classes in San Mateo County.

Can an adult school help me prepare for the U.S. citizenship interview and test?

Yes, some of our adult schools offer citizenship classes. Find out which schools offer classes and how they prepare you.

Can someone help me decide which classes to take and in what order?

Yes. Reach out to one of our adult education contacts to talk about your goals and map out a plan to get you there. Reach out today and get started on a new future!

Who takes adult education classes?

Check out adult education success stories featuring adult learners in San Mateo County. These stories will give you an idea about who in our county takes adult education classes, what led them there and how the classes improved their lives.